We have a strong commitment towards minimising the impact of our operations on the natural environment. ArrowMetals makes sure that all our operations are transparent and socially responsible. Our policies and approaches support positive business practices and we adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in the territories we operate.



For business units where we are a part of operating industrial asset, our first and foremost attention is drawn to eliminate and/or mitigate any adverse environmental impact in order to increase the opportunity for the natural environment to flourish. We seek globally recognised international certifications, through ISO standards for environmental management and systems commensurate with the products that we handle.


Climate Approach

ArrowMetals supports policies that address climate change without the need to drastically change our society to meet the growing demand for more secure and affordable natural resources.


Quality Management System

ArrowMetals has ISO 9001 accreditation and works in accordance with international quality standards on every area of the business, including: Facilities, People, Training, Services, Equipment

Business Policy

ArrowMetals and Trading is committed to conduct its business in all aspects with the highest professional, legal, ethical and moral standards. Specifically, ArrowMetals has the following policies :

• ArrowMetals does not under any circumstances engage in or be a party to corruption or bribery.

• ArrowMetals prohibits the use of contracts or consulting agreements to channel improper payments through intermediaries, or through public or private officials.

• ArrowMetals requires that its employees avoid any involvement in any activities which may lead to a conflict of interest with the Company.

• ArrowMetals does not contribute to political parties or political donations wherever it operates.

• ArrowMetals complies with all anti-corruption laws in all jurisdictions in which it operates, particularly where laws are directly relevant to local customs and procedures.

• Extensive due diligence is undertaken by management in relation to trading with counter parties where the rule and/or corruption may rise.

All employees within the company actively support, implement and follow the policies to ensure that our culture and attitude to integrity is strongly upheld.

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