Through global alliances built with a trusted network of suppliers, partners and representatives, ArrowMetals covers a wide array of base metals, alloys and energy products. We specialise in delivering physical commodities straight from the producerís gate to the consumerís doorstep matching in a timely manner the demand with available supplies.

The core focus of ArrowMetals lies on optimising of supply chain and financial structures for products including but not limited to Ferrous and Non-ferrous Base Metals, Ores, Concentrates, Ferro Alloys, and Energy Products including Oil products and derivatives  

Our dedicated base metal unit focuses on sourcing and supplying Nickel (both pure nickel and ferronickel), Copper, Aluminum and Zinc to processing companies, global trading houses as well as to end customers. We also deal in a range of flat and long Ferro products namely Stainless Steel, specialty steel as well as steel scrap. We deal in all aspects of the base metal commodity market, from shipping base metals in its final metallic form to trading ores and concentrates with processing companies. ArrowMetals is also involved in trading by-products of these metals including but not limited to platinum, cobalt, precious metals, crushed and uncrushed slags and Ferro High Density Aggregates.



ArrowMetals deals with all ferroalloys including but not limited to ferronickel, ferrochrome, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese and silico manganese.

Our traded ferroalloys are used in a range of products including
cutlery, jet engines and mobile devices around the world.  




One of our specialties is supplying of ores and concentrates to processing companies and smelters for onward processing and finishing. We deal in Nickel laterite and sulphide ores as well as high grade rich chrome ore as well as Zinc, Alumina and Copper concentrates which are sourced from reputed producers in emerging markets and are distributed globally to producers for converting into finished products. ArrowMetals also specialises in financial and operating toll processing structures wherein raw materials are supplied to converting agents in return for finished products which are then offered to the global markets.




Many of our metal suppliers as well as other electrical energy generation units require timely delivery of energy products like low sulphur coals, lignites and oil products and derivatives as fuel source to continue their operations. ArrowMetals sources from the global market and mainly from reputed and established miners and refiners to ensure seamless supply of the products for satisfaction of consumer demand.





In line with the ArrowMetals principle of structuring financial solutions as an integral part of trade deals, we offer further services including, but not limited to:

• Hedging

• Market support and representation

• Trade finance and funding

• Logistics optimisation

• Off-take agreements

• Distribution network and supply chain management

We combine financial benefits as well as trading gains together in a package leading to a win-win situation for all involved counterparties in a deal.

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